Friday, December 12, 2008

#5 It’s raining! It’s pouring! I’m bored and snoring!

So yesterday morning I awoke around 2am to the sound of pounding rain. It had not let up when we left the house at 7:30am to bike to school. It had not let up when we stopped to shelter under a corrugated tin awning. It did not let up for the hour we waited there, reviewing the US state capitols, the capitols of Central and South American countries, and the names of the Australian territories and their capitols. At 9am we gave up given the high possibility of mudslides and road outages further ahead where the road becomes dirt or gravel and runs right above the river along the valley slope.) So we headed back home, slogging through water up to our thighs (and this on the paved part of the road!) Oh, my brave willies, they tried so hard but were no match for the water, and once I got home I learned just how hard it is to removed your foot from knee high waterproof boots that are completely filled with water!

I filled my day with a nice long nap, a lot of snacking on anything I could muster from the fridge, translating three children’s books into Spanish, and researching ideas for teaching practical math skills in an enjoyable way.

Reports this morning are that there is at least one small landslide between us and the school and likely the road further past the school into the mountain is even worse, so Cynthia has declared it a day off again for us. The rain has yet to let up for more than an hour at most, but we hope it will let up soon and that things can dry up a bit over the weekend.

Brooke and Me…

Brooke and Cynthia…

This is what we waded through…


  1. Holy Cats! Or rather, cats and dogs...because that's what it apperas to be raining.

    Hope all is well. I've been enjoying reading the blog thus far. My sad academic life pales in comparison to your adventures.

    Lots of love and try to stay dry...if that is even possible.

  2. I am loving your blog! It makes me want to come and meet all of your kids, though can you imagine me trying to bike for an hour uphill? :)