Wednesday, December 10, 2008

#4 Cultural Encounters of the National Geographic Kind

In addition to the numerous human Hondurans I have met, I have now also had close encounters with:
…the hen and rooster that live at the Jungle School (and whom I have named Lunch and Dinner in Spanish…)
…the enraged version of said rooster who had accidentally been locked into one of the classrooms over night,
…the puppy named Punky who likes to sleep in the kitchen trash at the school,
…the weevils in the school’s maize flour that must be sifted out,
…a large scorpion (okay, it wasn’t that close, but 10 feet was close enough for me…)
…numerous El Sauce guard dogs that love to jump at you through the house fences,
…lots of roadside livestock including skinny cows, skinny horses, and incredibly fattened pigs (there’s lots of roadside trash…)
…a grey 8 foot long but dead venomous snake by the side of the road,
…the six foot boa constrictor that was trying to eat the 8 foot long venomous snake when it was run over by a truck (so, yes, it was dead on the side of the road too…)
…and thousands of vicious sand flies and mosquitoes (and, trust me, the mosquitoes are to be preferred.)

And, here is one last close encounter that I can’t help but share…

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