Monday, January 26, 2009

#10 Approaching Bilingual

I know I have achieved an amazing level of comfort with my Spanish now that I have started making up funny songs just like I do in English. Enjoy (especially when imagining me on a bike going up a mountain and singing these at the top of my lungs to keep my spirits up!) The kids particularly enjoy the Monkey song.

(sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)

Soy el mono en el zoo
El mono en el zoo
No me molestas
Te golpeo con mi pupu

I’m a monkey in the zoo
A monkey in the zoo

Don’t you dare to mess with me
I’ll hit you with my poo

(sung to the tune of This Land is Your Land)

O si mi culo
Es muy roto

Porque mi bici
Es muy duro
Porque la calle
Es muy mala
No me gusta montar en bici

O yes my bottom
Is very broken
Because my bike seat
Is very darn hard
Because the road here
Is really horrible
I really hate riding my bike today


  1. Oh, my. I am really enjoying the Broken Butt song.
    I sang these (en espanol) to FDB over the phone just now, providing all kinds of comic relief.
    AND You are tan, woman!
    AND Lempira is adorable.
    AND It finally snowed for the first time of the season here, turned to ice, then rain.

  2. I'm glad you are able to converse better and even invent songs. I'm sure that helps you in your work there. Just a note from another fellow gringa teacher who has learned Spanish and spent time abroad...trasero=bottom, nalgas=butt, culo=a##...just wanted to make sure that was the word you wanted to use for that song...

  3. Culo just fits so well in meter...and when it hurts there is no better word for it! (Trust me, I fell on it the other day while hiking in the rio Cangrejal.) Nalgas...not so common in Honduras, at least not in my area (but them we are working with a smaller vocabulary than many child didn't know there was a name for the ankle, she just called it the joint between the leg and foot.)